Lucy Jo’s Coffee Roasters

Our featured product this month is coffee from Lucy Jo’s Coffee Roasters!

Coffee lovers will have a lot to love at the Glens Falls Food Co-Op, thanks to this micro-roastery offering single-origin coffees and their own unique blends. All are Certified Organic, with something for just about everyone.

Single origin coffees:

  • Sumatra – full-bodied, low-acid dark roast with a syrupy mouthfeel and earthy flavor, with smoky dark chocolate undertones
  • Peru – smooth lower-acid medium roast with mild caramel sweetness and a dry cocoa undertone
  • Guatemala – silky smooth medium roast with dry cocoa notes and hints of orange (Rainforest Alliance Certified)
  • Bali – fragrant medium dark roast with mellow earthy undertones and a fruity overlay (Rainforest Alliance Certified)


  • Brain Storm Blend – smooth, lower-acid medium dark roast that’s rich and creamy.
  • Kick Pow Punch Blend – smooth medium dark roast with a nutty, chocolate roast flavor and a zingy finish
  • Brink Blend – rich and flavorful dark roast with bold taste and an oily mouthfeel
  • Bounce Ethiopian Blend – vibrant and bright medium dark roast with hints of apricot and a rich chocolate overtone
  • Happy Belly Low Acid Blend – smooth and creamy, low-acid medium dark roast with a sweet and earthy flavor and a hint of spice
  • Battenkill Breakfast Blend – smooth and crisp medium roast with a sweet, nutty undertone

Water process decaf options include Happy Belly Decaf and Decadent Decaf, a smooth and creamy medium roast.

There are three ways to get your Lucy Jo’s fix here at the Co-Op: bulk whole bean coffee, pre-ground bags, and now coffee by the cup.

Buying to brew at home? Don’t forget your Battenkill half & half and bulk sugar.

Grabbing a cup to go? Try a Dickinson’s Delights sandwich or one of our bakery items.

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