Where are you located?

We currently do not have a physical location.

What are your hours?

Contact us any time!

What is a food co-op?

A food co-op is a grocery store that is owned and democratically controlled by its members for their common good, the good of the community, and to accomplish a shared goal or purpose. Any profit is distributed to the members – in our case as a discount – or reinvested into the Co-Op itself.

Is the Co-Op open to the public or can only members shop there?

The Glens Falls Food Co-Op is open to the public. EVERYONE can shop! Members enjoy 2-15% off their purchases. Learn more about membership on our membership page.

What are the benefits of membership?

Members get a discount and are entitled to a vote in larger matters, including electing the Board of Directors, which only members are eligible to be on.

When you become a Co-Op member, you’re supporting local ownership. This has great benefits as a consumer, but also as a part of your community.

How do I become a member?

Membership in the Co-Op is obtained through the purchase of an annual member share.

How much is a membership?

Membership fees vary based on which member tier you choose.
Visit our membership page for more information!

What is the difference between an individual and family membership?

With an individual membership, your yearly fee of $50 earns you a 2-10% discount for one person. Only you can shop under your membership.

With a family membership, your yearly fee of $100 earns you 5-12% discount for yourself and up to 3 more members of your household. Additionally, family members can share the volunteer hours required to increase their discount.

Do I have to volunteer?

Members are not required to volunteer, but receive a larger discount when they do.

What are the different ways I can fulfill my volunteer hours?

Our most urgent need for volunteers is to cover shifts at the store, but there are other ways you can fulfill your hours. Helping with events, data entry, purchasing, and maintenance are a few.

When are your volunteer meetings?

Our volunteer meetings are the second Wednesday of each month.

Do you have a handbook?

Yes, though it is still in development. There is a printed working copy of the storefront handbook at the store. Once the Handbook is ready it will be made available to members online.

When did you guys open up?

We opened at our incubator space in Moreau in spring of 2012. We opened our doors downtown February 2nd, 2016, with our Grand Opening being held May 22nd, 2016.

But I thought you were a new co-op?

We operated for 3 years rent-free at a space graciously donated to us in Rock Hill Bakehouse’s bakery. There we learned about how to run a co-op and got ready for our move to Glens Falls.

Is there a newsletter I can get?

We are working on establishing a regular newsletter, and we periodically send out updates to our mailing list. If you are interested in contributing to our newsletter, please let us know!

What are some other ways I can stay up-to-date?

We have an active Facebook Page, as well as a Facebook Group for volunteers. Matters of great significance will be emailed to the membership if we are between newsletters. Regularly volunteering is the best way to keep up to date on the goings-on of the Co-Op!

But will I get spammed?

We will never spam you, or give your information to a third party. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Who is on the Board of Directors?

We currently have an interim board consisting of a president (Sue Duncan), Treasurer (Rich Cirino), and Secretary (Jack Lebowitz). There will be a full board election this year.

Click here for a Board Member Application

How was the Board of Directors chosen?

Members can apply to the board and, should they meet the requirements for eligibility, will be put on the docket for the next board election. Vacancies mid-term are filled by a candidate of the current board’s choosing until the next election.

Click here for a Board Member Application

I have a lot of experience and am currently looking for a job. Are you hiring?

We are currently 100% volunteer-run and are not expecting to be hiring someone for some time.

I would like to become a vendor at the co-op. How do I go about that?

Send us a message through our email or Facebook, or call us and set up an appointment to talk to one of the managers. If we think you’re a good fit we can start the process immediately.

What is the Food & Farm Festival?


The Food & Farm Festival is our annual festival celebrating local food, farmers, and producers with live entertainment, vendors, raffles, activities, demonstrations, and more! Admission is free, but we welcome donations of sustainable, nonperishable food for area food pantries.
Click here for a Vendor Application!

How do I become a vendor at the Food and Farm Festival?

The Food and Farm Festival will not be held in 2017

Click here for our Vendor Application!

How can I find out more specifics on what you carry?

A vendor list will be forthcoming. In the meantime:
Drop us a line or follow us on Facebook.

How do you set your prices?

We allow our local vendors to set their own prices.

When pricing our wholesale/bulk goods, we take our cost and add a small markup to accommodate the discounted rates and overhead.

Can I bring my own containers?

Due to health regulations, we unfortunately cannot allow you to use your containers from home.

Please do bring your reusable totes and grocery bags! We also accept donations of gently used paper and plastic shopping bags.

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